Certisfied is an authentication company that physically reviews and authenticates luxury goods through smell, touch combined with cutting edge technology to offer satisfaction for goods purchased.

We do not virtually determine authenticity as we believe the human factor in authentication can not be overlooked.At Certisfied, We don't guess, We test

We have to physically review the items, which means the item has to either be in your possession or paid for by you then send to our physical address.

It takes 1-3 days for regular authentication and 24-48 hrs for expedited authentication.

We do not offer remote authentication as all goods have to be physically sent to us.

The fastest authentication we have is 24-48 hrs as luxury authentication requires time and careful review.

You will receive a partial refund for half the fee we charged you

You will get a notification via email as your order progresses through our funnel.

Yes. We offer Written Statement documentation which outlines why an item is counterfeit. This documentation can be used to regain funds from the likes of stripes, PayPal and Credit Card companies. Written Statements can be purchased within the Add-On section of your order.

Our authentication process involves a meticulous examination by our team of expert specialists who leverage a combination of visual inspection, brand-specific knowledge, advanced technology, and database comparison. Each item undergoes a comprehensive assessment to verify authenticity, including scrutinizing materials, craftsmanship, accompanying documentation, and serial numbers. Our specialists are continuously trained and educated on the latest counterfeit trends, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of luxury goods authentication. We provide transparent and detailed authentication reports to empower our clients with the confidence they need to make informed purchasing decisions

Although we do not offer a financial guarantee for the value of your item at this time, we do maintain a 99.9% accuracy rating across all categories. However, it is incredibly uncommon, if our team re-reviews an item and finds the original determination was incorrect, we will refund your order fee in full and provide you with complimentary documentation to either certify the item or assist you with regaining funds for the fraudulent purchase. But if you believe our resolution is incorrect but after re-review we stand behind our original resolution, you are more than welcome to provide us with proof of authentication from two other credible third party authentication services. Though we may not agree, per policy we will refund your order.

We have premium offer up to a month.

You pay for each item but one shipping fee.

Brands are always changing up their manufacturing so yes, vintage components will be vastly different from more contemporary ones. With this , it is important to document and even have time lines for manufacturing changes memorized.  Our database is quite extensive so timelines and comparison references are something we have deep understanding of.

Yes. Certisfied  offers expert designer authentication services for a variety of times, regardless of condition or age. You can learn more about what we authenticate.

Aside an email notification for each of the items, we have a color coding system to differentiate them.

Our color coding system uses red and blue tags and certificates to denote the authenticity status of luxury goods. Red signifies that the item has been determined to be inauthentic, while blue indicates authenticity.